What is Theta Meditation?

This article tries to understand about Theta Meditation and its benefits through the different types of brain waves.

A Little bit of basics:

Scientists represent the states of our mind using Brain waves.There are four types of brain waves with their distinct  frequencies and functions.They are:

Gamma waves:

Such waves are associated with the process of awakening with frequencies around 40 Hz.

Beta waves :

They are the most common of the brain wave patterns associated with activities involving intense concentration, problem solving, and focused analysis. Their frequency is between 13-30 Hz.

Alpha waves:

These waves are associated with the state of relaxation. Such waves have frequency around 8-12 Hz.

Theta waves:

These waves are associated with the trance experienced during meditation.The frequency range of theta waves is from 4-7 Hz.Research has proved that this is a very positive mental state and prolonged existence in such a state is extremely productive for all types of mental activities.

Delta waves:

These waves are associated with states of deep sleep or unconsciousness.Such waves have frequency between 0.5-4 Hz.

In this way,Scientific Studies are revealing that the mind performs the best when it is in Theta brain waves state,when compared to its other states.

Benefits of Theta Meditation:

  • Theta meditation is the most powerful way to generate theta brainwaves.
  • It is practiced by listening to special musical sound tracks containing Binaural beats.
  • Binaural beats are the specially generated sound pulses which directly activate our Theta brainwaves and lead us gradually into the blissful state of Theta meditation.
  • Practicing Theta meditation results in stimulating creativity and intuition,reduce stress, increase the level of composure and battle depression.

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