Metta Meditation – Learn it to unlearn hatred

The world is short of anything except hatred today.People die and we continue to talk on mobile about stoke market.May be this article is out of its place taking about Metta Meditation. Or may be it opens the door to sanity from insanity.

What is Metta Meditation?

Metta is a popular form of meditation in Buddhism. The objective of Metta Meditation is to learn loving all but without developing any attachment.The practitioners learn to love themselves in such way first.Then the methodology is extended from the family members to the enemies.

The Philosophy of Metta Meditation:

It is believed by the Buddhist monks that the Metta practitioners have no need to harbor ill will or hostility.They recommend Metta meditation as a cure to insomnia and nightmares. It is generally felt that the mare presence of a Metta practitioner radiates love,peace and warmth in the surrounding.

Relevence of Metta Meditation in today’s world:

  • In today’s stressful world, Metta meditation can help gain composure.
  • It is an excellent technique to practice compassion meditation.
  • Recent neurological studies have shown that practicing such meditation affects the temporal parietal juncture and the insula regions of the brain raising the empathy level in us.
  • It is a highly beneficial tool for anger management.
  • It equips us mentally to deal with external stressors also.
  • When we learn to love others without any self interest through Metta Meditation, we find happiness in other’s happiness.And the mankind thus moves one step closer to universal brotherhood.

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