How often do you experience the state of trance in meditation?

The Oxford dictionary describes the meaning of the word “trance” as : a half-conscious state characterized by an absence of response to external stimuli. Most often we reach the state of trance while listening to our favorite song or music.It is the influence of music on us which make us spell bounded.This article tries to understand about meditation trance.

The Meditation trance is arrived by our conscious efforts, concentration and in a phased manner. Such a state is the essence of the whole practice of meditation. It is because meditation trance is the state where the practitioner of meditation is absorbed in the present moment or surrenders his consciousness to higher realms of spirituality. It is bliss that one finds there.

The monks from the east especially practiced very hard to spent much of their efforts to master the art of being in such a mental state for prolonged duration of time. They believed that this state of trance during meditation unfolded the secrets of the nature before them through the faculty of intuition.

The monks from India called the extreme stages of this state as “samadhi”. They believed that in such a state the soul of the practitioner united with the divine.

Scientists using the techniques of brain mapping classified the states of human mind. They associated each state of mind with its corresponding brain wave.There are four types of brain waves.They are:

Gamma waves:

Such waves are associated with the process of awakening with frequencies around 40 Hz.

Beta waves:

They are the most common of the brain wave patterns associated with activities involving intense concentration, problem solving, and focused analysis. Their frequency is between 13-30 Hz.

Alpha waves:

These waves are associated with the state of relaxation. Such waves have frequency around 8 – 12 Hz.

Theta waves:

These waves are associated with the trance experienced during meditation.The frequency range of theta waves is from 4-7 Hz.Research has proved that this is a very positive mental state and prolonged existence in such a state is extremely productive for all types of mental activities.

Delta waves:

These waves are associated with states of deep sleep or unconsciousness.Such waves have frequency between 0.5-4 Hz.

In this way,Scientific Studies are also revealing that the mind in meditation trance performs the best with the Theta waves, when compared to its other states.

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