Is Psychic Meditation your Cup of Tea?

This article tries to understand Psychic Meditation and what it takes to appreciate it better.

What keeps the ball rolling?

Humans are interested in objects and thoughts with which they can relate.Our relation with objects and thoughts is based on our association with them.Longer the association, deeper the relation.It is human nature of inquiry which inspires him to learn about new objects and thoughts to enrich his awareness and experiences. As  a result the periphery of his known world extends.

What is stopping us?

Most of the time we are encapsulated in a world of our own.It has routine activities and usual thoughts as the order of the day.


brings in a state of ease and we give up our urge to explore.It is from this very moment in our life that we stop appreciating new ideas and events for the sake of mental convenience.

To appreciate the term Psychic Meditation, we should learn about the concepts of

intuition, extra sensory perceptions



.It also requires knowledge about the practice called meditation to relate to the term finally.Moreover, the experiences involved with Psychic Meditation are radically different from daily life experiences.The first thing to relate to Psychic Meditation is to accept the fact that there are some experiences unfathomable using logic and reasoning alone.

Are the Easterner from other Planet?

We find it hard to understand such concepts because our mind is trained to think logically.However, the people in the east are aware of the other faculties of mind like intuition and made it a part of their culture and life centuries ago.They have been ripping the benefits of Psychic Meditation like clairvoyance and ESP from a long time.

Is there any explanation?

Recent researches and studies have shown that there is an organ in our brain called

the Pineal gland

.Its function is not yet understood and many relate the pineal gland as the organ responsible for Extrasensory perceptions and Clairvoyance.

But when it comes to Psychic meditation,

what matters  is the experience

,rather than the explanation.

And understanding the cosmos involves both,

explanation and experience


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