Relaxing With Yoga Nidra”

Yoga nidra gained a new dimension with the introduction of one of its kind of tantric meditation technique by Swami Satyananada Saraswati.  People from all walks of life seek various ways of metal relaxing owing to extreme pressure in lifestyle and working habit. Seeking psychiatric help from doctors and spiritual gurus to relax the nerves with excessive work pressure has become a common trend.


– The latest way is the yoga nidra technique. The old tantric texts have reveals its benefits and overall effects.  However, Swami Satyananada Saraswati, who is also the founder of Bihar School Of Yoga, rediscovered it nearly 20 years ago. According to him yoga nidra is psychic sleep. The method of attaining is extremely systematic which leads to complete mental, physical and sensitive relaxation. Though the mind and body is put to sleep but awareness is maintained at deeper levels.

It has been observed that the practice is tremendously relaxing that one cannot remain awake in the session. But the effects are tremendously yielding, as one feels refreshed more than a good night sleep. One is more capable to face the challenges in everyday life.

The hyponogogic state in the yoga nidra is the extended deferment between alertness and sleep. The benefits are exceedingly good.

How it is practiced?

Yoga nidra is practiced flat on the surface and following the instructions of the instructor. One can make use of recorded instructions in a tape. The practice is divided into phases or sessions where one starts with the relaxing of the body. With rapid concentration to various parts of the body one progressively relax the muscles. The next comes is the development of feelings of pairs opposite in nature. The final phase is known as visualization of images and symbols, which could be abstract and natural.

Principle of each phases-

Neurophysiology is a practice that which controls various parts of the body with controls through the brain. These various points of the body could be used to relax not only the body but the brain as well. By alternating the opposite senses of the body, helps to improve the body’s capability to gain balance. The involuntary functions of the body are brought under conscious control. By visualization one can incite reaction in the unconscious mind. There is no time for the conscious mind to react. This is one of the most vital phases as it helps in resolving divergence, needs and desires and other sanskaras”. Every session ends with a sankalpa”. It has to be short, with full of energy bringing positivity.

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