One-Minute Meditation

Consumer age has the ability to bring out every thing, right from the crash course diet to the meditation and yoga classes. And the latest buzz in this field is one-minute meditation. Well walk into the Brahma Kumari’s center and evaluate about yourself in spiritual world. With information given by the instructor one will be suggested to follow and think accurately in that one-minute.


– The Spiritual Application Research Center (SPARC) has designed this program for the Brahma Kumari’s. It is one of the branches of Prajapita Brahma Kumari’s Ishwariya Vidyalaya and has to do with the mind body complex. The institution firmly believes that in today’s context it is important that science and spirituality should come together.  Then only all the problems related to the globe could be resolved out.

It was founded by Dada Lekh raj, in the year 1930. Later came to be known, as Prajapita Brahma was a spiritually inquisitive person. He was born in sindh (now in Pakistan) and later moved to Calcutta to establish himself as jewel merchant. The Brahma Kumari’s has its headquarters in mount Abu, over 3000 centers in India and 66 across the globe. The Brahma Kumari aims in imparting meditation, positive thinking and other values. The organization is affiliated to the UN and the Unicef as an NGO.

Principles and how it works

– I am a soul, distinct from my body. I am emanating into the body. My basic characteristic is peace but I am unable to discover it. ” Are the points on which one has to ponder, suggests the Brahma Kumari. The suggestions are made to evict all the wicked thoughts that surround the mind. The person is made to seat in front of the computer with sensors on, attached to the wrists. At this point one is asked to close the eyes and meditate for a minute. As the mind relaxes and slows down the sensors start their job of translating the pulses into electromagnetic signals that could be seen on the screen. The signals are in the form of waves and visuals.  At this juncture the mental spiritual elevation if any or minus of it, will be displayed. This could be read with the frequency of the waves.

With time ticking the visual analogies are displayed in form of waves. One of the most wonderful visuals is that of the fish that changes into a mermaid with progressive repose. Later it changes into a maiden, evolving as an angel and disappearing as a star. For a regular person surrounded with tensions and other problems the visuals of fish is common. The type of graph replicates the relaxed mind and how much it is in control. The mental stability of the person can be judged from it. The graph with least inconsistency is considered stable.

In some cases there in no variation. And is considered to be in the Delta Level. This one-minute program is meant for the beginners who have not experienced the higher stages of alpha, beta, delta and gamma, stages.

For those who want to experience one of its kind one minute meditation can visit the brahma kumari’s and enlighten themselves.

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  1. respected,

    sir/madam i beg to stae that i would like to come to your institution for six months learn meditation and again return back to my family life is it possible.

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