Is Meditation And Concentration Interlinked?

Human life is filled with happenings, actions and events. Each and every moment is filled with action of some kind. When work starts interfering with other personal matter then both get affected. The question is Is there some way by which both these elements can be segregated from each other”? It is impossible.

Peace, occupation and proliferation all require absolute concentration of mind body complex. A wavering and restless mind cannot get the desired result. Meditating affirms concentration of mind. Any task whether it is eating, playing or watching entertainment programs has to be done with proper concentration, as without it you will not enjoy any of the work.

Some people are daydreamers who indulge only in dreaming without acting on it. There are others who in spite of trying hard are unable to accomplish what they want, this happens due to lack of concentration. In order to attain higher level one has to perform the task with utmost concentration. Concentration increases the chances of performance, when done with pure dedication. Handling multiple tasks in one-time effects the quality of work. It is recommended to complete one job at one time and then proceed to another.

Concentration and Meditation-

Our elders have always suggested to practice meditation to improve concentration. Even the west is turning towards the Indian form of meditation and Pranayam Techniques. In most of the programs these form as focal point of the entire plan. It is a general misconception that meditation helps in achievement of mental peace only. In a meditative state a person is usually contemplating about himself and things related to him, As Concentration has to do with the conscious state of mind, hence its spectrum is not limited to mental peace only.

The moment concentration is lost the quality of work also gets affected. This is applicable in ones job and occupation too, and other people start taking advantage of it. Under extreme conditions one looses his job or faces financial loss. The control of mind also goes of with personal and financial deterioration. It is imperative to put a check in wavering mind. Even a simple activity like cooking should be done with utmost concentration and dedication only then it will taste extraordinarily.

One should dedicate attention to one subject only. Try to enjoy every moment completely with devotion. By shedding worries one can yield in a better way.

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