Transcendental Meditation Lowers Blood Pressure

Transcendental Meditation, the meditation technique introduced in 1958 by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, is an effective therapy for easing high blood pressure and also bypassing possible side effects of anti-hypertension drugs, according to researchers.

Scientists at the Medical College of Georgia examined how Transcendental Meditation decreases constriction of blood vessels and affects the heart’s output. The researchers conducted two tests with 18 long-term daily Transcendental Meditation practitioners and a control group of 14 very healthy middle aged adults who did not meditate.

During the 20-minute resting session, the Transcendental Meditation group showed significant decreases in systolic blood pressure and vasoconstriction while meditating, compared with increases in the control group while resting. The Transcendental Meditation group showed a significant 6.5 percent decrease in vasoconstriction during meditation, compared with a 1.6 percent increase in the control group during eyes-closed relaxation. The results of the study appear in the current issue of Psychosomatic Medicine.

A study by University of Kentucky researchers evaluated nine randomised, controlled trials using TM on hypertension patients. It was associated with approximate reductions of 4.7 mm systolic blood pressure and 3.2 mm diastolic blood pressure (BP).

It found that following surgery to deal with the condition, those patients who were most upbeat about their chances of survival were the least likely to suffer further heart problems. The researchers said they did not know why this should be, but they suggested it could be that the psychological well-being could have some undefined effect on the physical processes that operate in heart disease.

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