Meditation with Candles

To many of us, a candle means much more than a mere light-giving, wax-dripping object. Some of us may even feel, at times as if the flame is conveying something to us with every flicker. What does this mean? In some way or the other, a candle light is obviously capable of arousing introspective thoughts and the quest for self-awareness. A consciousness meditation with candle light serves not only as a thought provoking symbol, but also acts as an object of focus for those easily distracted minds.

The Technique

In a quiet room take a candle and light it. Look deep into the flame and focus on it. Don’t let your eyes become fuzzy. In a while, you’ll start receiving images and thoughts that don’t belong to you. These are from your guides. You have to interpret these. Over time, you will distinguish what thoughts are your own and what are your guides. Then in daily life you will receive messages you know are from them.

Candles and colours

A common question that could arise in mind at this point is what colour candle should I select for meditation”? The colour of the candles depends on what you wish to attain from the meditation. This might vary. Here are a few associations given to candles of different colours:


For higher awareness, protection (from the material plane). Used most often in Meditation for inner peace, Spirituality, and attaining a higher power.


For Pure Energy, creative and physical.  Releases Passion, Power, Energy, Sexuality.


Said to increase psychic awareness and clairvoyance.  When trying to expand your imagination, this is a good color to concentrate with.


Used when you are concentrating on finding prosperity, money, and attracting wealth to yourself.


Used to concentrate on health, self-expression, peace and tranquillity; and greater understanding of those around you.

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