The Silence of Meditation

Meditation is the act of completely letting go of the mind. This most often requires ultimate silence. The silence of meditation is not just quietness. It embodies a dynamic and vast consciousness far beyond our usual experience of everyday life. It is in this mental silence that we can access our own hidden consciousness. By silence we really mean the silence of the mind.

This is because only when the mind is silent to the outside world can it really turn to us. When the mind starts speaking to us, we find who we are and identify ourselves more clearly. Another important consequence of allowing the mind to sink into the silence of pure consciousness is that the qualities that usually distinguish oneself from another are no longer there. All markers of individuality have gone. We become aware that we are the light of consciousness, and that this light is the same light that shines within all beings. We become one with all beings.

A difficulty we face in experiencing silence in the mind is that part of us is uncertain what will happen. To experience the silence of meditation it is necessary to give up worries about the future, regrets about the past. It is also necessary to give up our own notions of what we are. We have to feel the need for giving up these negative qualities and suspending the judgement of the mind. If we can experience the silence of meditation it is liberating because unencumbered by our own thoughts we can make ourselves receptive to the inner peace of our own soul.

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