Colour Meditation

Colour can be a powerful and effective technique in the practice of natural healing. Each colour can affect our emotional, mental and physical state in various ways depending on the colour used. Color has often been used to raise spirits, help with a person’s appetite, make us look more attractive, and even used as a status showing. It can also be used as an effective spiritual healing therapy,through use of breathing and meditation exercises.
Chakra/mandala meditation in Yoga is also called color meditation. It has to do with meditating on the different chakras or sacred plexes in the subtle body, corresponding to specific points in the physical body.

Mandalas are entering medicine as a healing tool. An increasing body of clinical trials suggests that meditation can boost the immune system, reduce stress, combat depression, reduce pain, lower blood pressure, and stimulate the release of melatonin, a hormone believed to slow cell aging and promote restful sleep.

Yellow is used in colour therapy meditation for matters relating to the solar plexus.  This includes self worth, personality and ego, and will encourage you to follow your path in life with confidence.  The sacral chakra, otherwise known as the lower abdomen, is orange, and represents respect, boundaries and creativity.  For matters relating to self awareness, survival and fear, the colour red of the base chakra is commonly used.

You can begin the colour therapy by using your chakras, or you can simply breathe in the colour. Prior to starting the meditation, or use a general colour for all around good health. Visualise the colour flooding your lungs with every breath. Do this with every intake of breath. When you exhale, visualise all the negative energy being released from the area into the air. Repeat these breaths for five minutes.

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