Meditation Techniques for Teens

Teenage is a period when the spirits are high and physical and mental energies are at their peak. For the same reason, teenagers are a stressed lot. We find them rushing to meet assignment deadlines, burning the midnight oil to prepare for exams, practicing tirelessly for a sports tournament or just working out their muscles for a cool figure.

Meditation for some time everyday is as important to teenagers as is to adults. Relaxation helps to set their minds free for a while and they can get back to work refreshed. These days, rest and relaxation for teens seem imperative.


Sitting meditation:

Sit on the grass or at the beach or your favourite hiding place  or just any comfortable place you feel like sitting with back and head erect; clasp your hands and let them rest in your lap; close your eyes.  If you wish some focal point, sit facing a lit candle or a campfire if outdoors, and let your eyes relax but not shut tight so the candle light can still be viewed.

Breathe easily and evenly, in and out. Silently count each in breath as one count, and each out breath as one count, till 50 counts, or another even number.

Lying down meditation:

Lie on a carpet, stretch out on your back; arms slightly away from body; legs comfortably apart. Close your eyes; let your body go limp. In your mind, just feel yourself standing still for a moment looking around, then seeing a horse galloping along. Watch the regular rhythms of the gallops while breathing evenly in and out.

Enjoy the relaxed feeling in your own body that is lying so limply and undisturbed. Feel whole and comfortable in your resting body.

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