Meditation and Hypnosis

When you say meditation” and the next instance hear someone say hypnosis”, your mind tells you that both these are techniques that take/elevate your mind to a different plane. It is true that very often, meditation and hypnosis are understood to be the same. There are many reasons for this.

Spiritually, we meditate to re-connect ourselves to our Source. Meditation is when you get quiet and allow what you call God” to talk to you. In doing so, you release the thoughts that have you believing there is something wrong with you.

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind we go into everyday. Rushing to the school, college or office, burning the midnight oil to prepare for an exam, freaking out with friends etc are daily instances of being in hypnosis. To go into hypnosis and enter into the subconscious mind, you must by-pass the critical factor of the conscious mind – the thought stream!

This is not as difficult as it sounds and can be done quickly, easily and effectively. One does not need to be relaxed to go into trance, relaxation is a by-product of having been in hypnosis. This is because you have relaxed the body and mind together, which allows the nervous system to flush out all the pent-up stress and tensions.

This is why one hour of hypnosis is equal to eight hours of sleep; the mind is guided into slowing down the brainwaves, simply by following the instructions given by the facilitator. When the mind relaxes, it is able to let go.

Benefits of meditation and hypnosis:

Meditation and hypnosis are highly nutritious to the soul in a number of ways:

Hypnosis is a wonderful, powerful tool to locate the reasons as to why you are stuck believing certain things which refuse to leave you. This is why hypnosis is a great way to enhance meditation.

Both techniques can be used for weight reduction, smoking cessation, preparing for surgery, pain management, childbirth, etc. Each individual really decides what word is more comfortable for him/her, meditation or hypnosis.

A technique that is usually taught in both meditation and hypnosis classes alike that can instantly reduce stress and lower blood pressure is called ‘deep breathing.’ It allows the blood and oxygen to flow more efficiently through the body.

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