Transcendental Meditation Increases Lifespan

Meditation has been one relaxation technique that has always come to the rescue of millions of depressed and stressed out souls and has been the best friend of physical and mental health. A new study shows that transcendental meditation can reduce death rates by nearly a quarter.

Robert Schneider, who led the research, said: “The study found that in older people with mild high blood pressure, those practising transcendental meditation had a 23% lower risk of death from all causes.”

The study was funded by the US government and the results appear in the American Journal of Cardiology. The study pooled the findings of two previous trials that followed 202 elderly people in the US over 18 years. Some practised transcendental meditation, while others tried different techniques, such as progressive muscle relaxation.

Previous research has found that transcendental meditation can lower stress hormone levels and blood pressure. “This study builds on that and shows the final outcome of these physiological and psychological changes is a longer life span,” said Dr Schneider, who heads the centre of natural medicine and prevention at the Maharishi University of Management in Iowa.

Meditation reduces the risk factors for diseases like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, stroke and even hardening of the arteries, thus prolonging lifespan.

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