Meditation Relieves Depression

Depression is a psychological mental disorder where a person is constantly in pessimism, helplessness, anxiety etc. Symptoms range from loss of appetite and lack of energy or enthusiasm to feelings of suicide. Meditation techniques are believed to provide relief to depression to a great extent.

How meditation helps

  • In meditation we can find peace of mind and inner peace, which helps us to be more positive about our lives.
  • It can help us to be more forgiving of those who cause us pain or bring us distress, and improve our problem relationships
  • Meditation can help us to respond to conflict in a more loving and caring manner.
  • Meditation can reduce stress and tension, and help you to relax more dynamically.

Meditation is not a quick solution, though some benefits will be felt within a month or two. It’s really best to meditate everyday if you can. I find it is far more effective to meditate for ten or fifteeen minutes every day than it is to miss days. It’s also important to allow enough time to meditate properly, as really you need to take a few minutes to prepare for meditation and to quiet your mind.

You also need to allow a few minutes to come out of meditation afterwards. Meditation is far more effective if time is allowed both before and after to prepare and to return to reality. Meditation done in a hurry is better than nothing but less effective than meditation done when plenty of time is allowed.

How to do it

Try sitting in a dark room. Make sure the room is clean and tidy. Sit quietly in the room and consciously clear your mind of all stressful thoughts. Or Choose stress- free music. Nature sounds are a great choice. Concentrate on the sounds and rhythms in the music. If you do so, you’ll find your brain does not have time to focus on any depressing thoughts and the anxiety will melt away into the music.

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