Christian Meditation

The main goal of meditation is to unfold the eternal qualities of the meditator through the path of self-realization. By practicing meditation regularly you can achieve the perfect harmony between your external surrounding and consciousness. All forms of meditation methods try to attain this goal.

Fundamentally Christian Meditation is different from the yoga meditation. To be very specific the content and approach of the Christian Meditation is different. In Christian Meditation Christ Himself plays the role of objective of meditation. In this technique the meditator concentrates on the life of Christ, His teachings, His characteristics, His passion and the various aspects of His life.

Christ is the epitome of compassion and love. He provides heavenly harmony and happiness and He is the Rescuer of humankind. In Christian Meditation technique, meditator needs to wholly think about Christ only.

The whole idea of Christian Meditation is to follow the character and life of Christ. Christian Meditation is another form of prayer performed without the help of prayer books, missals and rosaries. It is a form of unstructured prayer where the person develops a personal and direct conversation with Christ.

How to Perform Christian Meditation?

There are five simple steps involved in Christian Meditation and are formulated by St. Theresa of Avila.

  • Preparation:

    In this step meditator needs to completely surrender himself to the Almighty. You should approach meditation with all your humbleness and should experience the presence of Christ. In Christian Meditation, the attitude with which you perform the meditation is important and not the controlling of the mind.

  • Selection of Material:

    Since Christian Meditation involves communication with Christ hence you need to select a theme for meditation. It would be better if you select the theme from the gospel.

  • The Consideration:

    After experiencing the Almighty’s presence and selection of the theme, the next step is to think on the theme you have selected. If you ask yourself certain questions related to the theme it would enhance your thinking process.

  • The Conversation:

    This is an important step of Christian Meditation. Here you would actually start communicating with Christ. Your communication with Christ should be a one-to-one discussion.

  • The Conclusion:

    last step involves the evaluation of the meditation session. To think about how you could concentrate on Christ. Its time to thank Christ and to show gratitude for guiding you during the meditation session. The emotional bond formed with Christ during the session is must for the success of the Christian Meditation session.

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