Meditation Candles

Have you ever tried using meditation accessories like meditation candles while performing meditation? Meditation candles are proved to be beneficial for a successful meditation session.

Do you have a separate meditation room, then using meditation candles can be a great idea. Candles provide you the feeling of warmth while performing meditation. Candles also act as the source of light in the room.

Using candles during the meditation sessions can be beneficial even if you don’t have a separate meditation room. In ancient times when there was no electricity people use to meditate at night under the light generated by fire. Hence using candles or lamps during meditation is an old practice.

You can also use aromatic candles available in the market. These perfume based candles fill your meditation room with a pleasing and relaxing fragrance. It helps in producing the sense of calmness and relaxation.

Some meditation techniques like Trataka recommend the usage of candles during meditation session. Constantly staring at the tip of the candle flame is also one type of meditation which helps in enhancing your concentration.

Candle light has a different charm in it. You would agree to this point as you would have experience that charm during candle light dinners. Although it is not essential to use candles during meditation but candles would enhance your meditation experience.

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