How to Choose Right Meditation Pillow?

Though it’s a small thing, did you ever realize the benefits you get by choosing the right meditation accessories? In fact, right meditation accessories can bring a lot of difference to your meditation session. Generally people meditate sitting on the floor without any support. If there is no proper support, it is very difficult to retain the correct posture. And, this leads to an ineffective meditation. A meditation pillow offers the right support and helps you achieve a peaceful and relaxed state.

Here are few important tips that will be helpful in selecting correct meditation pillow for you.

  • Meditation area plays an important role in selecting the meditation pillow. According to the meditation area there are different styles of pillows available in the market.
  • If you have selected soft grassy area for meditation then you need light weighted meditation pillow. The material used as an inner fill should be made up of nylon. The pillow should be easily washable in machine as it will get dirty.
  • For harder surfaces like concrete or wooden surface you need to use a two stage pillow. The base of two stage pillow is made up of solid style foam and the top part is made up of soft artificial inner fill.
  • If you face difficulty in sitting on the floor up-straight then you have an option to select a pillow with a back rest. Pillow with a back rest is similar to chair for the ground. Pillow with back rest keeps your back straight and hence ensures controlled breathing movements.
  • Before buying any meditation pillow it is better that you try them first.
  • Remember that the pillow you are selecting should be able to withstand your weight.
  • It should give you complete support and comfort when you are doing meditation.

When you are doing meditation you should be comfortably seated. The more comfortable you are, you will be able to enjoy your meditation completely and you will be benefited more. Remember that if you experience any sort of discomfort or pain using the pillow, you need to change the pillow.

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