How to Relax during Childbirth?

If you are an expectant mother you will be nervous when delivery date approaches near. But, you have to be relaxed for labor pain relief during child birth. In fact throughout the pregnancy you should practice relaxation. Relaxation helps your body to concentrate your energy on the activities it is supposed to do. It is necessary for you to relax when uterus is contracting during child birth so that your energy is not wasted.

There are many ways to relax during pregnancy and few of the relaxation techniques are discussed below.

  • Deep Breathing:

    Breathing techniques can work wonders during the pregnancy. This should be practiced throughout your pregnancy period. It is the best way to relax nervous expectant mothers during their labor. Deep breathing techniques are called as Pranayama in Yoga. You need to take deep breathes and need to concentrate on the breathing movements. This would increase the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood which in turn will increase the oxygen supply to the developing baby. Remember to breathe deeply and slowly.

  • Meditation:

    Deepest form of relaxation is meditation. Instead of concentrating on the labor related pain, it is better for you to concentrate on positive thoughts. A still mind is very beneficial during this phase as it will help in relieving the pain during the labor. Just let your mind to relax, don’t think about the labor and allow your body to do the work. You can do meditation by sitting quietly in a separate room and concentrating on positive thoughts.

  • Yoga Poses:

    During pregnancy practicing yoga can relieve you from the labor pain. But remember – before practicing different yoga poses you should consult your doctor. And you should practice yoga under the guidance of a trained yoga teacher. After practicing yoga you would develop a feeling of inner strength and peace. Generally during pregnancy Bidalasana or the cat posture or variation of this posture is done. This posture releases pressure from your lower back, improves your digestion and enhances the blood circulation.

The various other methods which help you relax yourself during pregnancy are massage, showering or bathing and listening to music. Try to keep yourself happy and relaxed during pregnancy as this would be beneficial for you as well as for the developing child.

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