Biofeedback Meditation The Latest Trend

Biofeedback meditation is an innovative technique, which can be used to deepen meditations, awaken your mind, and enhance your mental health. Through the use of an EEG biofeedback device (which includes electrodes) and a computer monitor, a trained practitioner watches the activities of your mind. This enables him to guide you into peak mental clarity, creativity, insight, intuition and spiritual connection.

What happens during a Biofeedback session ?

During a biofeedback meditation session, which lasts for 90 minutes, five electrodes are placed on your head. These electrodes are connected to a safe, battery-operated Mind Mirror.

A Mind Mirror is a spectral analyzer; it splits brain wave signals into frequencies appearing on a computer monitor showing the real-time activities of your mind.

Sessions include a series of specific activities, which reveals what you can do on your own to develop your consciousness.

Why is Biofeedback Meditation Useful ?

Biofeedback meditation shows you scientifically where you are in your life’s journey. It helps you recognize your goals and helps create your own pathways to achieve that goal.

Biofeedback meditation helps in stress reduction, self-discovery, clearing blocks, and development of psychic awareness. These deep state experiences bring about heightened mental clarity and creativity.

When you feel you have reached that state of calmness, you are asked to mark it as a landmark”.

However,initially you achieve this state with the help of a practitioner.After a few sessions of training you by yourself will be able to reach to that state and calm yourselves in times of stress .

Biofeedback Meditation conditions you to deal with stress in a positive way. This mastery over self is indeed a very important achievement.

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