Meditation Can Boost Gray Matter

According to Scientists meditation alters brain patterns in ways that are likely permanent. Also, a new study has come up which shows key parts of the brain actually getting thicker through the practice.

This was further supported by research and study wherein brain imaging of regular working folks who meditate everyday was done. It revealed increased thickness in cortical regions related to sensory, auditory and visual perception, as well as internal perception.

The study also indicates that regular meditation may slow age-related thinning of the frontal cortex.

The most fascinating aspect of Meditation is that regular practice can change anyone’s gray matter. One does not have to be a monk to practice Meditation.

The study involved a small number of people, just 20. All had extensive training in Buddhist Insight meditation.

The researchers found out that most of the brain regions identified to be changed through meditation were found in the right hemisphere, which is essential for sustaining attention. And attention is the main focus of meditation.

Other forms of yoga and meditation likely have a similar impact on brain structure, the researchers speculate, but each tradition probably has a slightly different pattern of cortical thickening based on the specific mental exercises involved.

So all you people who want to enhance your intellectual capacities start Meditating and experience the inflow of energy.

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