Meditation Increases Alertness

Researchers through the aid of advanced brain scanning technology are proving that Meditation is greatly enhancing the capacities of the brain. Studies have shown that meditation directly affects the function and structure of the brain, changing it in ways that appear to increase attention span, sharpen focus and improve memory.

According to a recent study meditation is said to thicken parts of the brain’s cerebral cortex which is responsible for decision making, attention and memory. It also suggests that meditation may slow the natural thinning of that section of the cortex that occurs with age.

Meditation is extremely useful as the practice seems to exercise the parts of the brain that help us pay attention.

Many people who meditate claim the practice restores their energy, allowing them to perform better at tasks that require attention and concentration.

One of the most important domains meditation acts upon is emotional intelligence—a set of skills far more consequential for life success than cognitive intelligence.

Banking on the benefits of this practice are various companies like Deutsche Bank, Google and Hughes Aircraft. These companies are offering free classes on meditation to their employees. Making employees sharper is only one benefit; studies say meditation also improves productivity, in large part by preventing stress-related illness and reducing absenteeism.

So, why just companies, you also can enjoy the benefits of this practice. All you need to do is to take an initiative, in this direction. It’s a simple procedure which brings about lot of boons.

Hurry up, personalize this practice and experience the peace!!!

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