Tai Chi – The Art of Meditation in Motion

Practice Tai Chi to avoid stress and many other health problems.
Tai Chi is also called as ‘meditation in motion’. It is originally from China, where it started as an art of self-protection.
What is tai chi?
Tai chi chuan means supreme ultimate force”. Tai Chi is a mild form of physical work out with a combination of meditation and moving form of yoga. To learn Tai Chi you have to carry out a series of movements in a slow and elegant manner.
What are the advantages of tai chi?
• In old people tai chi can improve steadiness and lessen the danger of falling down.
• For people who suffer from arthritis or for people who are recovering from injuries, Tai Chi is a very good exercise.
• Tai chi has both physical and mental advantages. It also helps in increasing the levels of energy and stamina.
• It develops muscle power and also increases feelings of well-being.
• Tai chi helps in fighting against a wide range of health problems like circulatory problems, headaches, high blood pressure, and chronic back and neck pains.
• Everyday practice of tai chi has lasting benefits as it reduces tension and increases resistance.
• You will see a change in the complete working of the body.
• Since tai chi is a moderate cardiovascular exercise, it can be performed by anyone.
• Tai chi helps in regulating the immune system.
• It makes a vast difference in the posture as it realigns the spine and reduces relapse.
• Tai chi is a weight bearing exercise and can help in maintaining bone density.
In four months you will be able to learn all the set of postures and movements of Tai chi. The instructor will show the slow and deliberate movements and they are quite easy to learn.
As it is a very positive form of exercise and is very slow and mild, it doesn’t cause any side effects. You don’t need any special equipment, clothes, or a big room to practice Tai Chi. You can practice tai chi at any time and at any place.

Learn the correct way to do the movements so as to enjoy the long lasting benefits and to reduce the risks of injuries. Positioning of the body and breathing are very important.

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