Meditation helps Memory!

Everyone knows that meditation helps you deal with your stress. Stress can affect your brain cells in the end affecting your memory! There will be times when we open a desk draw and forget what we’ve to find. All this is a result of stress. No wonder when you are stressed out, people ask you to “stop being confused…” or “relax…” etc.

So how does meditation affect memory?

Meditation, ditto like sleep, stops all inputs from other parts of your body. Say from your eyes, skin, nose, mouth and also to an extent from ears. At such time, your brain has time to worry about only few things like brain itself! The neuron connections, because of your flowing thoughts, are connected, broken, reconnected and in the end solidified. As a result you will have better memory.

Scans of meditating brains have proved that the state is similar to a mentally restorative sleep often found in deep sleep. So now you know why meditation helps. And in sleep you are unconscious, but meditation is a conscious decision and hence there is no ‘Waking Up’ feeling after you cease meditation. As a result you dont feel lazy to start off with your work.

So what do you want do … meditate or forget?

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