Mediation is not just about Concentration…

Most people believe and will advise you accordingly that we all need Teachers or Gurus who will help us concentrate on meditation. However, many a great mind, including Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ, Jiddu Krishnamurthy or any great meditating personality, had given up their gurus in their practice of meditation. Yes, they might have been taught by anyone about meditation, but, it is only after ‘Rising Above the Known and Taught’ could they become great teachers.

Many of us are taught that meditation is about concentrating on ONE object, and breathing in and out. However one has to understand that when we try to concentrate we control our mind and thoughts which keep going hither and thither. Such an action denies our minds and there is always the conflict between wandering thoughts and concentrating minds. Such a conflict cannot result in serious meditation.

But if the same thoughts of the mind are attended to, one sees that thoughts takes one place to the other. Such thoughts need to be seen carefully, observed fully. Yes, you will be frustrated and shocked by certain revelations about yourself. After all meditation is about seeing yourself, without barriers and move on in life.

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